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To improve the quality of life for our patients through the blending of primary care, behavioral health and prevention services.

Commitments In Support Of This Mission
1) Access for all who need our quality health services.
2) Utilization of an integrated comprehensive approach to health delivery.
3) Evaluation of community health needs and development of appropriate programs.
4) Demonstration of kindness, compassion and help at all times.
5) Promotion, education and definition of personal health responsibility.
6) Pursuit of organizational harmony and excellence.
7) Continually increasing expertise and pursuit of state-of-the-art innovative methods and programs.
8) Provision of an environment that is conducive to personal and professional accomplishment and growth.


Cherokee Health Systems is an organization committed to serving the health care needs of its customers. As such, we understand and create added value through strong community-oriented, preventive and innovative health care programs. Cherokee Health Systems is very involved in each of the communities it serves and is recognized as a valuable part of the community fabric.

Cherokee Health Systems employees take great pride in being part of the CHS team. They believe Cherokee Health Systems is a great place to work and enjoy the unique opportunity of using their personal and professional strengths to enhance the well-being of clients, while experiencing a sense of belonging, superior organizational and personal communication and attractive compensation and benefits. They also enjoy unique opportunities for professional growth and development as they and Cherokee Health Systems partner to achieve their highest potential.

Cherokee Health Systems is proactive and aggressive at developing and implementing new products and programs designed to keep us constantly on the cutting edge of quality improvements and profitable business opportunities. Cherokee Health Systems is known as a pioneer in the development of innovative health care solutions.

Cherokee Health Systems actively develops strategic alliances with like-minded providers and organizations in order to ensure critical mass for managed care and other contracting, resulting in extraordinary corporate strength and control over our future. Such alliances also provide our clients with unprecedented continuity of care.

Finally, Cherokee Health Systems is a place with excellent internal processes. Our technologies are state-of-the-art and provide quality tools for our employees to continuously improve patient care and services while creating organizational financial stability.

Cherokee Health Systems, Inc.
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