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Tennessee Internship Consortium in Psychology

The Tennessee Internship Consortium in Psychology (TIC); hereafter referred to as the Consortium, consists of a number of cooperating agencies that offer a broad range of field experiences for qualified doctoral students in professional psychology. The University of Tennessee Psychology program plays a central role in administration, supervision and seminars.

The training program is individually designed but functions within the constraints required by funding commitments as well as needs imposed by didactic and clinical experiences. The program consists of a 2000-hour internship that is completed within a 12 to 24 month period. Each agency provides a number of different settings for the intern. Some interns may serve two concurrent agencies. Supervision, seminars, staff meetings, and additional selected learning experiences are an important component of the internship program. The program accepts applicants from doctoral students in school psychology. Preference is given to school psychology applicants from APA-approved programs.

The Cherokee Health Systems school psychology internship provides quality training in a supportive, professional environment. Interns have opportunities to interact with clinical psychologists, clinical social workers, psychiatrists, physicians, occupational therapists, physical therapists, language pathologists, grant writers, and other professionals. Although most intern supervision is provided by a licensed, doctoral school psychologist, other professionals may provide supplementary supervision and training. Our goal is to insure quality training leading to the skills needed for practice and licensure in psychology. School psychology interns provide screening, assessment, consultation, and intervention services in local public schools. Additionally, most interns complete a pediatric psychology rotation one day per week. This time is spent in a pediatric clinic conducting screening, liaison, care coordination, and direct intervention. Interns with appropriate training can carry a counseling caseload in the schools or in the clinics. Additionally, the interns will spend a day each week in local preschools, providing screening, consultation, and training. Interns also have opportunities to improve their skills for teacher and parent training, A&D prevention, and applied research.

Supervision is considered an important component of the overall internship program. One to one individual supervision from doctoral level licensed psychologists is provided two hours a week. Additionally, two hours a week of group supervision from a licensed psychologist is also provided. The group in supervision is composed of all of the interns in the consortium.

It is possible for the intern to receive up to 3 hours a semester of graduate internship credit through the University of Tennessee. The Consortium conducts two hours a week of group supervision in such a manner that it meets the University’s requirements for graduate credit. If an intern is interested in receiving graduate credit for this time, she or he needs to make an arrangement directly with the University. Requesting graduate credit for the group supervision is not required of the intern. This is simply an additional benefit to the intern if it is of value for her or him.

Cherokee Health Systems has 3 internship positions each year.

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