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In the fall of 2005, the first Cherokee Health Systems pharmacy opened in our Lenoir City office on Adesa Drive. The larger, main pharmacy, opened in July, 2006 in our Western Avenue office in downtown Knoxville. Both are designated 340B pharmacies and fill prescriptions for Cherokee patients. The 340B designation gives Cherokee the ability to purchase prescription medications at reduced prices making them more affordable to all our patients. Besides self-paying patients, the pharmacies also accept payments from TennCare, Medicare Part D and many commercial insurance plans. In addition to offering mail-order prescription services, we are excited about the possibility of helping more patients in remote locations through the use of telepharmacy. Cherokee’s pharmacists and technicians are committed to helping our patients achieve and maintain healthy lifestyles. Together…Enhancing Life.


Innovative programs, multi-talented staff -- hallmarks of Cherokee Health Systems.

When we sought to expand our pharmacy program to additional Cherokee offices, we were told that State regulations required a pharmacist on site to dispense the medications and provide counseling to the recipients. This was a daunting barrier from both manpower and financial perspectives.

Undaunted, Cherokee staff jumped in and formulated a creative strategy to hurdle this barrier. Building on a decade of experience with telepsychiatry, we worked with the Tennessee Primary Care Association to propose legislation to allow telepharmacy practice in Tennessee. Our staff produced an excellent DVD illustrating exactly how telepharmacy works. The video premiered in Nashville on April 1st and is now available for viewing here on our website.

If the proposed legislation for a pilot program is passed by the Tennessee State Legislature this spring, we will work with the Tennessee Board of Pharmacy to provide telepharmacy at two of our remote locations. This pilot will provide our staff the opportunity to demonstrate the viability of this innovative way of pharmacy practice, providing care to folks who likely would not receive these medicines without the efficiency of telepharmacy.

Innovative programs, multi-talented staff. We always seem to find a way.

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