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Training on Children's Issues

Parents, teachers and other professionals may find theses lectures helpful. Programs are offered periodically and are delivered by the professional staff at Cherokee Health Systems.

Why Behavior Management Sometimes Fails
Clear, consistent behavioral management is effective with over 90% of children. Why do some children fail to respond to good discipline? This in-service session, which is our most requested workshop, looks at relationships and self-esteem as the basis for the child’s response to discipline. We discuss dozens of practical interventions for consideration when the discipline system seems to fail. This is generally done over 3 hours and consistently rated as enjoyable, motivating, and practical. A booklet of over 25 pages is included, with pages that can be copied for parents.

Wednesday's Child Is Full Of Woe
Many students do not perform at their best because of stress. This workshop looks at stress and coping in children. The presenter will give numerous examples of practical stress management interventions for use by teachers and school counselors. Handouts focus on warning signs, coping strategies, and ideas for educators. Generally done in a 1 ½ to 2 ½ hour session.

Promoting The Development Of Children With Autism
Children with Autism can be very challenging, but can also make surprising progress. This training will look at symptoms, causes, therapies, and classroom interventions. A behavioral flowchart is presented, with examples or research-based interventions, including visual schedules, calming activities, replacement skills, and social interventions. Special education services are discussed, including structured teaching and social stories. A lengthy handout is used; with numerous ideas and references for further information. This training session is usually 3 hours in length.

Working with Difficult Parents
Students do best when educators and parents work as a team. This workshop, generally 2 hours in length, looks at reasons parents (or educators) can be difficult to engage in team problem solving. For each “type” of difficult parent, strategies are presented for gaining cooperation and building positive attitudes. Handouts are included.

Anger in Children
Angry outbursts often present educators with their biggest challenges. This workshop typically changes participants’ perceptions of how anger works in children. Strategies focus on prevention as well as management strategies. Teachers leave with ideas for practice in the classroom, and with resources for learning more. This session is highly rated by teachers as entertaining, enlightening, and practical. Handouts summarize techniques so teachers can access information as the need arises. This session usually lasts 3 hours and includes demonstrations.

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