Helping our patients and community members access the COVID-19 vaccine quickly and easily is our priority. Cherokee Health Systems is offering COVID-19 vaccines daily at all of our clinics. We are launching community events to vaccinate in accordance with the State of Tennessee vaccine categories. For more information, please contact us at 1-866-231-4477.


Message From Our CEO

We all know that these are troubling times for the people of Tennessee.  Covid 19 is causing havoc.  But in the midst of that, I want to assure you that Cherokee Health Systems will keep its doors open as it always has.  No one will be turned away.  If you are an established patient of Cherokee, we hope you know that your regular clinic will be ready to serve you, should the need arise.  And if you are new to Cherokee but lost in the clutter of all the information about Covid 19 (including some misinformation), please know that Cherokee welcomes you as well.

Times like this can bring out the best in people.  We ask your cooperation and patience.  Our staff is working hard to see everyone in a timely manner.  We want to provide top notch treatment and that takes time when volume is up.  But be assured that we will get to you and you will receive the care you need.  Thank you for your patience.  We will get through this together.


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“I would like to express my appreciation to the pharmacy window ladies. God bless them! Good deeds so often go unnoticed or given the recognition they deserve, so I’m pausing to reflect about the attention I receive and how much it means.” -A Valued Patient

“I am a new patient at Cherokee Health Systems. I recently had my first appointment. They got me in very quickly and their staff was excellent with me. I felt as if they actually cared about me. I believe I am in good hands with my health situation with them. Thank You.” -New Patient