Cherokee Health Systems is a non-profit organization that provides primary care, behavioral health, and addiction services to over 70,000 people living across the state of Tennessee.  We offer sliding-scale fees and no one is ever denied treatment based on an inability to pay.  We have a national reputation as a pioneer and leader in integrated care—an approach in which we embed behavioral health providers alongside primary care physicians to provide the full range of patient care.  

Message From Our CEO

Welcome to Cherokee Health Systems! From humble beginnings as the Mental Health Center of Morristown in 1960, Cherokee Health Systems has grown to become a comprehensive health services organization touching over 70,000 lives every year throughout the State of Tennessee.  It has been a great privilege for me to be part of Cherokee Health Systems since 1978 and to participate in the amazing growth of this non-profit organization, which now operates 24 clinics in 13 Tennessee counties.

At Cherokee Health Systems, we have an unwavering commitment to our mission, which is to improve the quality of life for our patients through the provision of high-quality, integrated care services, regardless of the patient’s ability to pay.  With our cooperative, team approach, Cherokee providers offer a full-range of primary care, behavioral health, dental, and addiction services all in one place, at the same time.  If you’d like to learn more about Cherokee Health Systems and the services we provide, I encourage you to review our website or contact us here.  Thank you for your interest in Cherokee Health Systems! 


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“I would like to express my appreciation to the pharmacy window ladies. God bless them! Good deeds so often go unnoticed or given the recognition they deserve, so I’m pausing to reflect about the attention I receive and how much it means.” -A Valued Patient

“I am a new patient at Cherokee Health Systems. I recently had my first appointment. They got me in very quickly and their staff was excellent with me. I felt as if they actually cared about me. I believe I am in good hands with my health situation with them. Thank You.” -New Patient