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Social Services

Community Health Coordination

Cherokee Health Systems’ team of over 40 Community Health Coordinators work with patients to ensure they receive the care and services they need.  On-site, in-home, and in the community, our community health coordinators provide patients at Cherokee Health Systems with services such as:

  • Health education
  • Developing and modifying self-management of acute and chronic illnesses
  • Obtaining services from other community resources
  • Arrangements for transportation to and from appointments
  • Coordination of care among multiple healthcare providers

Health Insurance Marketplace and the Affordable Care Act

The online Health Insurance Marketplace was created as part of the Affordable Care Act and is a way for people who have no insurance or people who lack adequate coverage to find personal health insurance options. The Health Insurance Marketplace seeks to make purchasing insurance easier for individuals and families. 

Cherokee Health Systems has Certified Application Counselors (CAC) to help guide users through the online Health Insurance Marketplace. CACs are certified by the Center for Medicaid and Medicare Services and are available to assist you in obtaining timely information about the online Health Insurance Marketplace and to find health insurance options that best suit your needs.  This service can also help you enroll in Tenncare or CoverKids, if you qualify.  We offer this assistance completely free of charge and it is available to anyone, even if they’re not a patient at Cherokee Health Systems.  To schedule a free consultation with a CAC, please call 1-866-672-1979 for an appointment.  You can also visit our news and events page to find any events that relate to obtaining health insurance coverage. 

Knox County Health Care Program

The Knox County Health Care Program is a collaboration between the Knox County Health Department and Cherokee Health Systems. The program offers no-cost adult primary care services provided by Cherokee Health Systems staff to residents of Knox County who have no alternative to other private or public healthcare in the area. In order to participate, Knox County Health Care Program patients must meet residential and financial eligibility standards as set forth by the Knox County Health Department.  For more information about this program, please call 865-934-6730.