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Professional Training

Training on Children’s Issues

Cherokee Health Systems provides many trainings on children’s behavior and development issues.  Training may target parents, educators, health care providers, and others.  All of our trainings are delivered by our professional staff and topics of past presentations include:

  • Raising responsible children: behavioral interventions to promote self-control in young children.

  • Why classroom behavior management sometimes fails: emotional interventions for teachers.

  • Stress and coping: developing healthy ways of managing stress and coping with hardships.

Cherokee Health Systems’ Autism Treatment Team also frequently conducts educational sessions providing and overview and introduction to Autism.  Sometimes these sessions are for parents and educators, but there are also sessions for a wide range of others, including physicians, first responders, juvenile court workers, and recreation department workers.  More intensive training experiences in Autism and child development target:

  • Behavioral intervention

  • Social skills interventions

  • Sleep disruption

  • Feeding and appetite problems

  • Frustration tolerance

  • Toilet training

  • Sensory processing and sensory interventions

  • Bereavement

  • Teaching techniques

  • Screening for Autism

Training has been conducted for the Tennessee Council on Children and Youth, the Tennessee State Department of Education, East Tennessee Children’s Hospital, Quillen College of Medicine, the Autism Society of America, the ASA East Tennessee Chapter, Autism Site Knoxville, and numerous school systems and head start agencies.  For more information on these trainings, please contact Dr. Bill Allen, Vice President of Children’s Services.